FMB says two thirds of homeowners recognise a need to fix UK housing crisis

Recent survey results produced by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) show that the majority of 2,000 UK homeowners surveyed appreciate that currently there is a housing shortage.

66% of those who took part in the study agreed that there was a housing crisis and were supportive of possible solutions to create more affordable homes across the UK.

The most positive results were for building more co-living developments with 33% of respondents in favour. The growing support for micro homes was also clear as 31% of adults questioned agreed this was a smart move; the same percentage backed building granny flats.

Overall multi-generational emerged as a popular solution with 24% believing it should be promoted to ease the country’s housing problem.

The FMB’s research revealed that the least popular suggestion, contributing just 17% of the vote, was to permit new development to expand onto the green belt; although 27% of people recognised that extending and relaxing development rights would help improve the lack of housing across the regions.

Brian Berry, FMB chief executive said: “Even the vast majority of those who are lucky enough to own their own home recognise that there’s a housing shortage. When asked about solutions to this problem, the most popular remedy was to construct more co-living developments, which are becoming more and more popular in major cities right across the globe. Building more micro-homes in urban areas was the second most commonly cited solution to the UK housing crisis. Both of these approaches would increase density in urban areas where demand is particularly high.

Solutions include granny flats and help for SMEs

“The creation of more granny flats was the third most popular solution, which would see more elderly people moving out of their properties and living alongside children or grandchildren in self-contained home extensions. This would free up much needed family homes, which are being under used by older people living on their own.”

Berry also went on to mention that further FMB research has highlighted one of the largest obstacles the building industry faces is a lack of help for medium and small sized developers and housebuilder. In the 1980s around two thirds of new homes were built by small local builders. Today, they are held back by the scarcity of hiring skilled workers and lack of availability of small building sites, struggling to compete against the larger housebuilders.

Brian Berry added: “Currently SME house builders build less than one quarter of all new homes. Reviving the fortunes of SME builders undoubtedly has a key role to play in delivering the Government’s target of 300,000 new homes a year in England alone and is key to solving the housing crisis once and for all.”


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